Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Folks In VFX Production

For you folks who are living in that strange world of visual effects production, you might be interested in my dad's newest project: his webinar! If you're in the field and want to keep up on production support and all things related to visual effects production, head on over to his Visual Effects Partners website and sign up for the webinar he and business partner Susan Zwerman have put together. Both of them have been working in the field for quite awhile, and my dad alone has been in the movie industry for over forty years. This webinar seems to be unusual in that once you pay for it and get your password, you can his the site as many times as you like within your three-day period. Miss something or think you needed to see something again? You're golden!

I hope this helps those Industry students or experienced professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge of this field. Enjoy! 

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