Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Artist William Basso

When I perform my Obligatory Family Visits to Los Angeles, there are certain rituals I observe. I go to my favorite pub. I visit with certain friends. I visit a few favorite stores. I stopped by Halloween Town and spent at least an hour wandering through and getting my fix. While the management style of the store is restrictive to the point of being annoying (No reading books allowed. Limit browsing to five minutes.), there are some great items to be found, and a permanent art gallery made to look like an old Victorian parlor, a la The Haunted Mansion. I took some time to go through the gallery and discovered there was a show dedicated to the art of the Haunted Mansion, which featured works by Eric Pigors, Queenie, Bob Lizzarraga, and others. The work I really enjoyed (and not just the Haunted Mansion art) was done by W.A. Basso, so much so that I purchased two numbered prints: Twilight, above, and October Shadows, below.
October Shadows
Those who are unfamiliar with Basso's name are aware of his art, whether they realize it or not. He has contributed to such films as Edward Scissorhands, Terminator 2, Batman Returns, and Interview With a Vampire. I just love his attention to detail and the dreamlike, surreal quality of his pieces. He inspires me!
Pumpkin Patch Goblin

Check out his information over at his site:

Images are used by permission of the artist and are subject to Copyright. Don't be naughty.

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