Tuesday, July 20, 2010


This last one would go along well with The Ghost Ship (3:50 or thereabouts).

Via Razor Creative Blog: A Celebration of Great Ideas. More pumpkin pics when you click on the link.


  1. I just love that first one!!! Thanks for the link...can never have enough pumpkins, never :)


  2. Yuck, that one with the droopy eye is pretty gross (not that there's anything wrong with that)! Also, the pirate ship pumpkin would fit a pirate haunt perfectly.

  3. Love the pirate ship. I have been looking, with no luck for a pattern or stencil just like that. Can you please tell me where I can find a pattern, stencil or template for one? Amazing job on all pumpkins. Thanks

  4. I don't unfortunately, know where to get a stencil for the ghost ship, or any of these. I just like them!


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