Saturday, July 10, 2010

Package From Canadia

Yes, I know it's Canada. But, if people from Mexico are Mexicans, and people from America are Americans, than how come people from Canada aren't Canadans? If they're Canadian, they're from Canadia! Am I the only person who sees the logic in this?

Well, anyway, I got a package from whatchacallit yesterday, sent by none other than the illustrious Ghoul Friday! I'm very excited and happy to have a new piece of Halloween art to proudly display, especially since it's one of the delightfully creepy Plague Doctor series Ghoul Friday has been making.
Yup, The Bluebird of Unhappiness has come to perch above my fireplace until such time as I get my home office finished. Please don't ask when that will be. It's a sore subject around here...
Doesn't he look great?

Ghoul Friday has just opened her shop, though it still is in the process of being made fully functional. Trot on over there and see what kind of trouble you can get into!


  1. I am so lame.

    So I read the title of the post, look at the first picture, focus on the top half of the figure and think "Oh cool! That's really neat. What is it?"

    I was all excited that you'd discovered this new Canadian artist I obviously had never seen before.


    So yeah! Looks great! lol Always awesome to see how my stuff looks in someone else's place.

  2. You make me giggle, 'cause that's totally what I would do!

  3. Now that is super cool!! Looks very happy in his new home. I am going to have to come down and visit him :)



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