Monday, July 5, 2010

The Bloodshed Brothers

Alright. I've been meaning to get to this for a week, and now I really have to write this post, or be shamed forever!

The handsome devils in the shot above (No, not the Ape or the Reaper prop, and the dork in the middle is me. :o)) are Zach and Jeromy, the Bloodshed Brothers. I had been aware of them and their fabulous haunt since earlier this year, and had the pleasure of meeting them at the West Coast Haunters Convention.

I'm pretty sure that Zach and Jeromy's mom and dad must be proud of them. They're thoughtful, articulate, genuinely nice people. Not only that, but they're haunters! (If I were twenty years younger and single. Oh, wait! They'd be two. Never mind.)

Seriously, they have way more on the ball than I did at their age, and they have been haunting for quite a while. Now, they started a vlog (Man, am I old! I didn't even realize there was such a thing!), and film daily entries. They've covered garage sales and the Davis Graveyard, and lots of other cool haunting stuff. The last two (as of this date, anyway) mentioned me! Wow! What an honor!

If you haven't had the time yet, take a few minutes (or hours) to watch their vlog. You will be entertained, and you will just fall in love with these great guys.

(As an aside, I want to comment on how wonderful and kind the haunt community, in general, are. The thing that really sucks about it, though, is that we're all busy at Halloween, and can't hit each other's wild parties/haunts. I secretly wish that we could all take one Halloween off and have an amazing party in an airplane hangar, or something equally cool. Or maybe they should all just move into my neighborhood and we'll rename this section "Halloween Town.") (I'm apparently feeling very parenthetical today...)

Anyway, the Brothers are very focused on making their haunt bigger and better, and I'm quite convinced that we can expect great, wonderful, and frightening things from these twins. I think it's almost inevitable they make it to Hollywood and become the next Tom Savini and Ray Harryhausen!

Check out their fun vlog here, and get your pre-Halloween fix almost daily!


  1. thanks shelly!!! that was awesome to read. you rock!

  2. "If I were twenty years younger and single. Oh, wait! They'd be two. Never mind."

    Just had to tell you, I read that over a week ago and have been laughing about it ever since! Hope they come to a SoCal CalHaunts meeting someday.


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