Monday, July 5, 2010

How to Haunt Your House, Book Two

Shawn and Lynne Mitchell have done it again! The follow-up to their successful and very informative first book, How to Haunt Your House is out: How to Haunt Your House, Book Two.

While the frustrated English teacher in me (who isn't perfect, either, btw!) dreads a repeat of the grammatical errors present in the first book (undoubtedly the risk in any self-publishing venture), I really look forward to a repeat of the practical teaching and how-to that made the first book such a go-to source of knowledge for home haunters. I ordered it today, and I look forward to giving it a read and letting you know all about it.

I featured a video of their haunt in a past post, and if you haven't had a chance to watch it, you really should. The Mitchells have created a truly beautiful and very elegant home haunt, and I am in awe of their skills.

Speaking of which, I wonder when the Davis gang is going to get their book written... 


  1. Yeeee Hawwwww! I just placed my order! Thanks for the heads up, the first book was one of the best books on haunting I have ever read so I can't wait until this one! And yes, I too would LOVE to buy the Davis' book...hint hint hint!!!

    You are be a English teechur? I has good grammer an spelin skill. I are smart two!

    If that doesn't throw the English teacher in you into a seizure, nothing will.

  2. LOL! Nothing gets us moving like seeing the Mitchells make a second book! That and when Leonard (Hantcon) visited us...he asked the same question! :D

    I am sure there next book will be awesome. We only hope to be that good! We are also looking at 2011, I gotta go....I have a book to finish :)


  3. I blogged about this on HauntSpace.. hope you don't mind!

  4. Typos are an unfortunate effect of reading the same text too many times... I cringe when I come across them too!--Especially when I'm the guilty party who missed them.
    Just came across your site and wanted to say how much I love it! Thank too for mentioning, How to Haunt Your House, books. I’m going to check out the rest of your blog and add it to our site list.

  5. Lynne-I completely understand! I can't tell you how many times I've run across errors on this blog after I've already hit the "post" button-which is why I was careful to mention that I wasn't perfect, either! :o)
    I'm thinking of getting my old English teacher to start editing my podcast, too.
    Thank you for adding me, and thanks for putting in the effort to write a book for all of us! I can't wait for it to arrive!

    Mr. M- I hart u!

    Chris- We can't wait! An advance, signed copy will do just fine, since after all, I AM the Press!

  6. I have the first book and I love it! I have tried the hot-glue casting method for some finials. Although my first attempt turned out great (, I have to make them smaller if I'm going to make enough for my entire fence.

    I've already ordered book 2.

    I blogged abou thte book and this post over at Hauntspace. Nothing new there, but check it out if you like -


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