Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chicago Graveyard

My darling Mr. ShellHawk (whose only flaw is that he doesn't build props and think about Halloween 24/7/365) demonstrated his tolerance for my quirks yet again by stopping at a graveyard around the corner from our Chicago hotel so I could take some pics of the cooler monuments. I really love that man and so don't take him for granted because of thinks like this!


  1. Great pix (love that you caught an airplane in one)! Which part of the city? I've gone on many photo safaris in Chicago's cemeteries - there's some really old, beautiful ones...

  2. Beautiful. The shot of the angel's backside is helpful from a construction standpoint (someday I'll get a truck big enough to bring home a mountain of styrofoam.)

  3. I thought it was Hillside for a second.

  4. What a great guy! Love the pictures, the angels are just stunning. I just love the statues that are partially covered in tree branches....just love them.

    Thanks for sharing.



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