Thursday, July 1, 2010

Off Topic

Maybe a little further off than usual, but still a bit of fun, I hope.

Monday and Tuesday were catch-up days for me, as I was returning from my trip to L.A. I hadn't had the time to get anything done in my studio until Tuesday afternoon, and by then, it was up over 100 degrees. I couldn't bring myself to park my butt in the studio after being in my air-conditioned house all day, so I dragged in a lump of clay and some tools, turned on my t.v., and I was good to go.

We have an XBox 360 and subscribe to Netflix. Mr. ShellHawk found out awhile back that we can hook our XBox up so it gets Netflix, so I started browsing through my "Instant Queue." (Mr. ShellHawk always knows when I've been adding to the queue, as the number of horror movies goes up sharply!) I found a flick I wanted to see but Mr. ShellHawk had given the thumbs-down on. Since he wasn't home, I turned it on.

The Gamers: Dorkness Rising. What a name. I fully anticipated it to be a really bad movie, but as I've said before, I love bad movies. And you know? It wasn't that bad!

Basic story: a bunch of Dungeons and Dragons type gamers get together at their friend's gaming shop to play on a weekly basis. One friend has written a new module, but the regulars can't be swayed from seducing wenches and torturing and killing villagers to actually play the module as it's meant to be played. Enter a new (and newbie) player, who adds a new wrinkle to the dynamic, and the game is on.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Yes, it was essentially Clerks with nerdy gamers instead of bored convenience store denizens, but it was still entertaining. Hard-core gamers-whether role-players or W.O.W. -heads- will get a kick out of this film. (The running gag of the bard always getting killed is hysterical!) Mr. ShellHawk came home from work and watched around the last quarter of it, and revised his opinion of the film. He said he'd watch it from the beginning soon.

If you've got some time to kill on a decent B movie, this should go on your list.


  1. Will TOTALLY watch this! I love movies like this!

  2. I loved that movie! So have you also seen Gamerz?


  3. FQ- Haven't seen gamers yet, but maybe I should plan for it!
    BTW, what wa the name of the series you showed me? Black Books? I want to Netflix that one; it was hilarious!


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