Monday, July 12, 2010

My Banner + Your Site =

A very cool addition to your page!

But seriously, if you like the things I make and you'd like to help spread the word, please feel free to snag this 468 x 60 banner, link the image with my Etsy store address (, and post it to your blog page where it will fit. The first three people to post it will receive a mini-pumpkin of my choice. Just leave a comment letting me know you put the banner on your site as a semi-permanent fixture!

Thanks! Blatant self-promotion moment now over!


  1. Looks great! More fangtastic work by Guy.

  2. done! got your banner with my "fun links" (and shameless self-promotion is not a bad thing at all...)

  3. LOL! I am in will take more than a banner to scare me!! I will find it a home on my blog....and I will see if I can find it a home on the Davis Graveyard site when I do my next update.

    Happy selling!!


  4. Thanks, Pam and FQ! I'll send your little guys shortly!

  5. I love your pumpkins!
    I added your banner to my blog.

  6. Hey, nice to see a cool looking banner for your store. I've added it to my website too. It's not a static link but it's there with a few others.

    Keep on creating, love your work!

  7. Posted the banner here: :)

  8. hurrah! very happy to be receiving another little guy for my Shellhawk lantern collection...thanks so much (and I like your banner...looks great on my blog!)


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