Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ghoul Friday on Hauntcast? Yeah, Baby!

So I can at last reveal my super-secret first-ever (and last!) interview on Hauntcast's Charmed Pot! Ghoul Friday will graciously join me and class up my tiny part of the show. She is truly a witty and charming addition to The Charmed Pot, so even if you think my segment generally stinks like five-day-old road kill, you should listen to this one!

And? There are rumors of a super-special extended interview with that worthy being uploaded to the Hauntcast site for-wait for it-free! Can you believe it bruthas and sistahs?

We even talk about shaving our legs. What could be more gripping, more Radio Gold than that?

I just don't know. But tune in tomorrow, July 1st, and you just might find out!
Hauntcast 32. Be there or be completely inadequate in all avenues of your life. Really!

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