Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What Was I Thinking?!

I think I've mentioned this before: my studio is in my garage, and while it's been drywalled, it was never finished. For some bizarre reason known only to him, the previous owner put up pegboard along one entire wall. Perhaps it worked for him, but it doesn't suit my practical needs.

Frankly, it's been driving me nuts.
Additionally, other "stuff" keeps making its way into my studio. Stuff that really should be stored elsewhere (if we can find "elsewhere"), such as the battery box for the boat we no longer have. Baseball cards (?!). Random scraps of wood. Saw horses. And on and on. Some of it we need, and there truly may not be any other place for it. Some of it is just crap.

I decided that I've had enough, and that this is the year this space gets a face-lift.

My husband, who is well aware that I take on epic projects and take forever to finish them, gently reminds me that I should be making stuff to sell for Hallowe'en and that other holiday. It's not helpful. I am On A Mission to beautify this space. After all, part of the grand plan is to eventually have a mailing list and actual wine and cheese open houses for my art, and I don't want this space to look like what it is: a shitty garage conversion. Case in point, this picture:
I really understand that when you're trying to save money, you do things yourself, right? But can you at least see that this looks like crap and re-do it so the ceiling and walls come together right? Oh, and the drywall tape isn't supposed to show, either, jackass.

Oh, and by the way? What the hell is that random piece of metal for? It has no structural purpose. Nothing was hanging from it. So why is it there? It's a mystery.
So, I'm plunging into this myself. I've discovered since starting to do repairs on the drywall joints  that the Painters and Plasterers Union has nothing to fear from me. Their jobs are completely secure! But, I'm plowing on, watching the how-to videos on YouTube, and I'm getting better.

Studio Improvement Anecdote: Mr. ShellHawk comes home from work and can hear me scraping away in the studio. 

"Whatcha doing?"

"Fixing the drywall with joint compound and paper tape."

Mr. ShellHawk eyes my handiwork. Small eye roll.

"At least you're going to be sanding it."


Though I wasn't going to touch it initially, I've decided to take down the pegboard and get some foam board insulation to stick in the outside wall and then drywall over that. I'll probably keep a little bit of pegboard, but not much. My eventual plan (read: when I have money) is to hang cabinets so I have a modicum or organization in there. Putting up the drywall will be step one towards that goal.

I'm taking the opportunity to remove random pieces of wood and strange hooks from the walls. I'm throwing away mysterious "artifacts" which have long since ceased to have a purpose. I talked to neighbor V about a possible rearrangement of the space before it gets put back together. Something more efficient for my needs. And she's rolling it around in her mind, too.

I'm telling myself that I'm creating space, not only to create art, but for some of the cool posters I've collected over the years. It will look great, I tell myself.

But the answer that comes back is, "Hanging drywall? Seriously? And Sam's coming next week??? What were you thinking???"

Well, off to Home Depot. Wish me luck!


  1. Frog Queen seeds "Much luck"!!

    Sounds like a fun least you seem to have the attitude to get it done. And that is at least half the battle.

    ...sorry, terrible at pep talks :D

    Looking forward to seeing your progress.


  2. well, good luck hun...for me, well, I'm just far too lazy to tackle any kind of home improvement. I'm just good at collecting crap and shoving it in a corner! lol still, I look forward to reports of your progress :)

  3. Hahaha, not only do I totally understand it, your need to do it now, but I fully back it, and will offset each Hubby Eye Roll with a "WAY TO GO SHELL!!! DO IT IN THE NAME OF CRE-AAAAA-TIV-ITY!!!"

    Yeah, I'm terrible at pep talks too. But I think what you're doing is awesome! ;)

  4. Sounds like a fun project to do. We made some major cleanup in our storing room last spring. I was amaze when i saw the amount of crap stored in this endless piles of boxes. Next step will be tha garage attic which serve to me as my workshop. Talking about workshops, I may have an explanation for that random piece of metal fixed in yours. I fixed a few pieces of metal and woods on the ceiling of my workshop. Its ugly and look "out of place" but they take less space there. They will eventually disappear as i will use them one day or another in my future prop building projects. Good luck to you on your workshop improvements. I'm sure you will find a lot of satisfaction fromthem.

  5. Thanks for the support, everyone!

    I got the insulation foam board in today. Not sure I'll be able to lift the drywall by myself tomorrow, but I'm gonna try!

  6. I totally understand. Reorganizing your creative space is empowering, and trying to create in a space that makes you crazy can dampen your efforts.

    Of course, you MAY want to keep your ears open to "logical voice" should you hear it whispering in your ear that you're taking on too much at once.

    And yes, that voice may sound a lot like Mr ShellHawk.

    Good luck with the puppy tomorrow! And remember, puppy + plaster (couches + floors)2 - liquor = bad.

  7. GF: Too much? Too much?!

    Oh. Is that why when I look in the mirror, my eyes are showing more white than usual? Lol!

    Mr. ShellHawk told me to hire someone for the drywall-yay! The guy's coming Friday afternoon. I should get it sanded Saturday and maybe start painting Sunday. Then, reassemble everything and back to work, with an extra space for dog beds!


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