Friday, June 10, 2011

This Is It! -And Other Things

Sam at 1 week
Today is the day I've been waiting for for six months: the day Samhain comes home. (As if you weren't painfully aware of that!)

I'm heading out to the garage right now to put some Great Stuff in the gaps of the foam board insulation I installed a couple of days ago, so it's ready when the drywall guy comes this afternoon to install and mud the drywall. I find it hilarious that as long as I've been using joint compound, Great Stuff and foam board insulation, this will be the first time ever that I've used them for their intended purposes! 

After, I'm going to continue puppy-proofing, as I remembered in the middle of the night one area in which sharp, pointy things could seriously hurt him. I'm also trying to work out in my mind the best configuration for an outside containment area that he can play in and learn how to access through the dog doors, but won't restrict the other dogs. We may have to go back to playing doorman for a while.
In other great news, The Bloodshed Brothers are going pro! They have joined forces with The Field of Screams and will be haunting from The Haunted Stadium this Hallowe'en! Head over to this Blood Vlog for details. I'm so very excited and proud of these guys! They're great people and fabulous haunters, so I'm looking forward to seeing what they do in a pro forum.

O.K., gotta run! Will be back with pics of Sam's homecoming very soon!

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