Friday, June 24, 2011

Progress Report: Perfect? No. Much Better? Absolutely!

The paint job is finished, the stencil is stenciled, and it only remains for Mr. ShellHawk to put up the shelves for me to have a mostly functioning studio. I say mostly, because I have to figure out where to put everything I took out!

Like all of you, I'm a bit space challenged. I appropriated a small part of one of our gardening sheds to put my giant air compressor, since our neighbor has our lawn mower on a semi-permanent basis and that space is free. Of course, that involved cleaning out the shed and re-arranging things so it was easy to get to what you needed. I'm always amazed at what a daisy chain of tasks is created with one seemingly simple project!

There will be more rearranging and organizing as time goes by, more shelves, and someday some actual cabinets for proper storage. One step at a time, though! I'm just happy the space looks this good! If you look back at my "before" post, when I was just starting this project, you'll see the big difference.

For someone who didn't know how to use joint compound for its originally intended purpose, I think I did pretty well!

In other news, Sam is growing so fast! I had completely forgotten how fast big breeds can grow, so it came as a bit of a surprise to notice his increase in size.
Big Shepherd and Little Shepherd, guarding the new studio.
Just as an example, Mr. ShellHawk cuddles Sam on the first day we had him in the first picture, then the second picture was yesterday. I can even see his color is changing.
We're both guilty of picking him up and carrying him like a baby from time to time, as we will almost certainly not be able to do it for long. He already knows "sit," mostly knows his name and the "come" command-although that last one may be attributed to selective hearing. I think I need to reinforce commands more with treats! So far, he's gone out to breakfast with us, and also ventured across the street to neighbor V's pool and mini-dachshund. He's not so sure about the pool, but he likes to play with the other dog.

Tomorrow, Mr. ShellHawk's dad is flying up for a visit and gets to meet the grandpuppy, which should be a blast. Of course I'll have to keep a sharp eye out for treats being slipped under the table...


  1. Looking good - both the studio and the new furry kid!

  2. Looking good! Wow, you have been busy!

    And I so want to come down there and give Sam a big kiss on the nose! Soooo cute!

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. he sure is a cutie! (well, they both are but my comment is really about the new puppy!) also, the studio is looking great.

  4. Ooooooooooooo!


    Looks great! Must feel good to have it come together.

  5. I am such a big animal lover. I have 2 dogs ( border collie and a boxer) and 2 cats. Your dogs are sooooo cute!!! watch out with that carrying that puppy around because I did that to my boxer and now I have a 80lb dog who likes to sit in mommy's lap and sleep with mommy and just follows mommy EVERYWHERE! lol. We have a game in my house that my husband and his best friend play called "find the mommy"....all you have to do is call for Duke, (my white boxer) and after he comes to you... follow him to where he goes..and you'll find the mommy LOL

  6. Your workspace islooking great! And your pup is adorable. Hope ya'll have a great visit with the granddad. :)


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