Saturday, June 4, 2011

We're BAAaack! Hauntcast is In Da House!

Yes, boils and ghouls, we are!

Hauntcast has had a site redesign to make it easier to find what you're looking for. The original, high quality content you've come to expect from the Scream Team is at your rotting little fingertips.

Rev gives you the News From Beyond and delightful mind-bending info in either Theater of the Mind or The Bestiary. Johnny Thunder guffaws his was through another Fright Flicks, and Denhaunt amazes us with his prop building prowess, and by still being around! There's an interview with Matt Ford of one of my favorite haunts, House at Haunted Hill, and of course, your Mistress of Mayhem is stirring the Charmed Pot once again. (Hint, if you love Vincent Price as much as I do, you need to listen!)

And we are, once again, free, just in time for build season.

Spider Rider and I will be listening today as we rebuild my stupid witch. What props will you be building while you listen?

Hauntcast. Original, high quality, and always on!


  1. I lobe the new design better. It have a more user-friendly nterface.I will listen to the episode tonight while building a sacrifice hotel for an haunt at a local camping for July. I am a bit short on time but I suppose I will make it in time.

  2. Glad to see the Scream Team and Hauntcast are here to stay. Once again, great job, Shelley! Your segment this month was...Price-less! (insert Vincent Price laugh)


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