Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wave at the Bus

Yes, that's a real pegleg. I think these are his street clothes...
I'm sure some of you have run across this blog at one time or another. I came across it via Perfessor Evil, creator of Haunt Project. (I'm pretty sure he's a shoo-in for the Evil League of Evil this year, too. His application is strong.)

Wave at the Bus started when a son was heading off to his sophomore year in high school. Mom told dad to go wave, and dad did it one louder: he did it in costume, just to embarrass the kid. 

Then he kept doing it, all year. In 180 different costumes.

While I'm sure his son was initially embarrassed, He may have gotten past it a little bit, since his dad became a minor celebrity. Head over to this article to read a little more about it.

Almost makes me wish I had kids.


  1. Wow! wonder what his closet looks like!

  2. That is just the coolest story....and I have to agree with you on the kid thing....but I think, yeah, I am sure the feeling has passed :)

    Thanks for sharing, that made my day.


  3. Glad you posted that- it's too funny to miss. (I saw the headline on Yahoo news, but never clicked on it. )

  4. There's now a "Wave at the Bus" app for iPhone and iPad! Has all the photos and commentary. Search by date and by costume. Only 99c. http://bit.ly/mbBc3v


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