Saturday, June 18, 2011

Progress Report

Before, with pegboard
 Progress continues in the shop, though of course not as fast as I'd like!
After, with drywall
The drywall guy came last Saturday and got the drywall up, put up the drywall tape and the first coat of joint compound. Though it has been rainy and cold-very unusual for us this time of year-in honor of my first application of joint compound, the weather turned hot. So hot, in fact, that the joint compound started to dry as I was applying it. Admittedly, I'm not very fast at the application, but I didn't think I was quite that slow!
The positive, of course, is that it was ready to sand on the same afternoon. I started the third coat Thursday, and went around the room to check for holes and dings to fill while I was at it. I also sanded and put up another coat of joint compound on the ceiling seams, which the previous owner had never finished. Let me tell you, you haven't lived until you work in 98 degree heat with the garage door closed. I couldn't have the fan on because of the dust it would have blown around, so even this self-proclaimed "desert lizard" was having a pretty tough time trying to stay hydrated. Of course, while I could have the door up, the newest "shop hound" was on hand to supervise.

So can I tell you how much Sam has grown in just a week? I couldn't believe it! I'm sure all of you have seen the video of Dunder, growing up in just forty seconds, but it's weird to see it happening in front of your eyes! We had a little get-together last night and our friends we haven't seen for a week all commented that the boy has grown noticeably since last Friday when they met him.
He had his first vet visit on Monday, and as you can see from the pic above, he was asleep through almost the whole thing. I can't help but think that his days of being picked up and put on the exam table are numbered! The vet will have to get down on his level very, very soon. He got to go to work with me on Monday morning, too, and was just as quiet as can be in his crate. Of course, I played with him to tire him out and made sure all his business was taken care of, so all he wanted to do was take his morning puppy nap.

This Monday is the final firing for the Raku class I'm teaching, which means a cruelly long day for me, as I teach in the morning (and doing a Raku firing is very physically and mentally demanding, since I have to wear long pants and sleeves and it'l be at least a zillion degrees by 10:00a.m.) and then go back in the evening to teach, too. One of my neighbors will sit for him for the morning session, as I suspect I'll be doing the firing until at least 2:00, and that is far too long to leave him in his crate. My neighbor has the coolest old dog ever, and he and Sam seem to get along just fine. I'm sure Sam is going to have fun on his visit. I'm very happy my neighbor wants to babysit! We're also going to take him on his first boat ride next week!

Well, off to breakfast with Mr. ShellHawk and the little Hell Hound. Be back Tuesday!


  1. Boy he really has grown! You might need to purchase stock in PetCo.

    The shop is really coming around :)

  2. Good luck today. I hope the lesson goes well. Garage is coming along great, and so is Sam ;)


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