Friday, October 16, 2009

The Addams Family

It began when I was around six or seven years old. We had one of those big, old Zenith t.v.sets, and there was no such thing as cable. We got channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 28, and 52. The other channels were either too fuzzy (rabbit ears necessary, if you can remember that far back), or were broadcast in Spanish. Maybe it came on after Speed Racer, or Kimba the White Lion; I don't quite recall anymore. I do have vague memories of my mom turning it off or doing the dramatic disapproving sigh when she caught me watching it. (Even then, the poor woman didn't get that I was meant to be sort of dark and odd. She kept trying to get me to play with Barbie. Ick!)

I wasn't discouraged. I loved the show and was an avid devotee until she seriously put me into ice skating, which conveniently happened at the same time the show aired each day. Accident? I think not.

Incidentally, I find it funny that many years later, my boss's wife (who became the mother of my heart) knew me well enough to gift me with Charles Addams book, My Crowd, which contained gobs of darkly humorous cartoons by Addams. What a delightful, and very apropos gift!

I find it interesting that this show has such staying-power, even today. After all, the original series had long been cancelled and gone into syndication (perhaps even the syndication had run out-I don't know) when the movies with Angelica Huston and Raul Julia were made. I think it proves there's a larger population of twisted thinkers than we previously thought. I also love how well written the characters are, how classy they are. Who wouldn't envy Morticia's pale beauty and graceful carriage? Or Gomez's snappy fashion sense. not to mention his money?

It's also such a kick to me that the Addams Family has become so evocative of Halloween, that M&M's made not one, but two Addams-themed commercials.

In researching for this post, I came across a behind-the-scenes series of videos on YouTube, which took the time to interview the folks who were part of the original t.v. series. I thought it was pretty cool.

Who doesn't envy and admire Gomez's passion for his lovely wife? And who wouldn't want to dance this well?

Let us not forget the cartoon it spawned, even though I never saw it while it was running.

I was gratified to find they did a Halloween special in 1977 with much of the original cast.

I love that they celebrate Halloween like Christmas!

All in all, I think most of us have to admit what a huge influence the Addams Family had on our subsequent needs to haunt. The sets, the acting-just everything-made us love the dark.

Now, where's my file? I need to sharpen my cemetery fence.


  1. They show the original Addams Family series on the 'classics' channel in the evenings here, in all its black and white glory.
    I told my mother about it, and she sat down to watch it with me one time. The first thing she said was that she remembered it in colour.
    Then we shared our love for Gomez and Morticia.
    They're just so wonderful and cheery.

  2. Ah, you have perfect taste, I knew I liked you for a reason.

    Must go now, off to find dark chocolate M&Ms :D


  3. Oh, I love the Adams Family! Even the remake, lol!

  4. I saw The Addams Family last year and loved it! Lane and Neuwirth were fantastic as well as Krysta Rodriguez. The story line and music were very entertaining and tickets weren't cheap, i got them from ...hopefully they do make it on Broadway again.
    It’s one of my favourite shows; I would see it again in a heartbeat!


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