Monday, October 12, 2009

Haunt Lighting

I find myself thinking about it. Constantly. I've never had this much to work with, so lighting was never an issue. Now it is.

I'm dealing with a budget issue, so I'll be begging lights from the neighbors again this year. I don't care. Good lighting comes under "needful things." Yes, I plan to use candles, as well as electric. The lightning machine will be out again, this time with bluer bulbs-the ones from last year were too yellow and warm-looking.

Since I have nothing constructive to say about lighting, (except to keep it simple and spooky) I suggest you go to the Skull and Bone tutorial. He has picked this topic apart and analyzed each piece carefully before putting it back together. Make sure you read through everything! You've taken the time to make all those props, so now is the time to be patient and reap the rewards of creepy lighting!
Speaking of lighting, a big thank you to Carrie Mae at Creepy Cupcakes for posting a link to Canon's page on taking Halloween pictures in low light! This is going to be very useful to all of us this season, since not everyone is as good at taking pictures as Pumpkin Rot's beloved Bean.


  1. I hear you. Lighting takes up almost a whole weekend for us. We were still adjusting the lighting on Saturday morning :)

    Looking forward to seeing all your props!!!


  2. Great post! I have used Skull and Bones tutorial, and it helped a lot. I liked the Canon link, too. I have a Cannon Rebel XT that I use for some of my pictures, and also a cheap Sony Cybershot that I use for the rest of them. I really need to learn to use that Canon better, and I think that link may help me with that. The pictures I take with that camera usually come out looking too light, my haunt is not nearly as bright as it looks in most of my pictures and if I could find a way to better show how it really looks, I would be very happy!


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