Monday, October 5, 2009

My Haunted Past

Horrifying. Pics of me wearing "cute" things. Gah!Mom never did get the whole concept of being scary, so had to make everything cute. I mean, WTF was up with the eyelashes on the pumpkin and the sailor hat?! You can totally see that I hated wearing the thing, too.

I can tell she hated me as a child by this picture.Who dresses a kid up in a bunny suit past the age of three?

I'll have to dig out a couple of pictures of me in the 80s, when I had a chance to choose costumes for myself.


  1. The sailor hat on the pumpkin head is kind of precious. I had a similar issue with my mom. Tried to convince her that I wanted to be a Killer Klown from Outer Space the year that flick came out and she just wouldn't buy the idea of a scary clown. Ended up going as a normal clown and hated every single giant plastic footed step of that night.

    At least you had that badass skeleton suit on though...

  2. I think the skeleton pumpkin outfit is freaking awesome! The sailor hat makes it even cooler. The bunny, ehh not so much, but I'm a guy.

  3. That bunny's not so bad. A little blood, some fangs and viola . . . killer bunny!

  4. I agree....the potential for killer bunny makes me want to find that costume now!!! :) Treat it like it should have been treated :D



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