Sunday, October 4, 2009

Masters of Horror: John Carpenter

The list is long and long. Halloween. The Fog. The Thing. Christine. Prince of Darkness. They Live. He wrote many of them, directed them. Most of us Halloween enthusiasts love his films and have been inspired to re-create characters-see here and here. John Carpenter probably never thought he would be such an influence on the haunt community.

I enjoy seeing some of the horror greats talk about their films, especially the early ones. Nowadays, we're lucky enough to get the "extras" we never had a chance to see before. I have a Blu-Ray copy of Halloween, and hearing Carpenter talk about his first film, and how everyone schlepped equipment (which was certainly against Union Rules) and helped out (even the actors!) was really inspiring. Kind of a, "Hey kids! Let's put on a (horror) show!" kind of vibe. No pretension, just get the job done on a teensy budget. How great is that?

I still love this film and probably watch it far too much. Especially at this time of year. Ain't it great?

It kicks my butt that Michael Meyers' mask was a Captain Kirk mask, pimped out, store bought. Not often you find that out about movies you love to watch.

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