Friday, October 9, 2009

Decorating at the Nest

"Hon? Could you help me bring in a bin?"


Halloween bin is maneuvered into the house. This bin is the interior Halloween stuff. We decided where things should go. Being somewhat new to the house, we're still figuring out where things look best. It could change at any time, but for now, we're satisfied.

Mr. ShellHawk put up the cheesy eyeball/ghost lights. I try to keep the cutesy stuff in the house or the back yard.

Found this on Love it. I think multiple bloody handprints are so unnecessary. Keep it simple. Just two makes a statement, don't you think? Especially for the guest bath. I can't wait for the friends and relatives who are staying at Halloween to get a gander at this. Hope it doesn't freak out my niece too much!
Then hubby says, "What about your pumpkins? Can you bring them in?"

"How many?"

"All of them. They can be out until you sell them."


"And get rid of those cheap made in China pieces of shit. Yours are much nicer." I can only smile at that.

I took a few pictures to share.
A couple of Dia De Los Muertos pieces I've acquired.
The piece below was a gift for a friend who seems to need some space at home. It's o.k., I'll take good care of this one!A couple of Target finds, one from this year, one from last.I love this one. Bats, skulls and spiders in lace. So elegant!Since my niece and sister-in-law are coming for Halloween, I got my niece a treat bag. No pillow cases, plastic grocery bags or other lazy treat bag alternatives. If that got out, I'd be the laughing stock of the blogosphere!Skelanimal dog. Too cute to pass up. I'll put up more pics as days go by and things get unpacked!


  1. Cozy. Pretty. Lovely.

    I can now come over for coffee and dessert.

  2. G.F.- Cream and sugar? :o)
    Thanks, H.S. More to come!

  3. milk and honey, actually. But I'm not fussy. ;)

  4. Awesome....does you Mr. Thirfty have a proper name? :D


  5. Your house looks awesome! Love the pumpkins up in the window of the dining room.


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