Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Scaring People

I have to credit one of the folks from the Garage of Evil Yahoo group for this find. I laughed so hard at this! Frog Queen is right: I am an evil woman!


  1. Hahaha HOLY CRAP! I have never laughed so hard. But I need a note for my boss, Shell... I'm going to be late for work now, LMAO!

  2. Hhehehhehehehhehehehehheh!!! Nice find :D

  3. I like evil, evil is good!! :)

    LOL!! Except for the spider ones, those were not funny, those were scary!!! I would hunt down and kill the person that did that to me. :)

    Actually, I am evil because the ones that were scaring the cats....were my favorite. Something about watching cats jump straight up in the air, just puts a smile on my face....yes, I am evil too!


  4. great stuff, enjoyed very much. BTW. I followed this site back from my own and discovered you had linked to me. Thanks. I have added your site to my own link list Weirdo Wearing a Mask..

  5. Too funny! I was trying to smother my laughter so wouldn't wake hubby that I believe this would qualify as a "Depends" moment.

    Now that's scary.

    BTW, got my little jack-0-lantern in the mail and the eyeball you added to the package. Love it!


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