Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Trick 'R Treat Giveaway

In honor of the release of Trick 'R Treat and my 80th follower, a jack-o-lantern pot of my choice will be given to the first person who can answer this question:

In the first sequence of Trick 'R Treat, (the sequence with the guy in the white mask staring at the woman tearing down Halloween decorations), what is the significance of the second set of TOTs in the background? (i.e. Who are those little guys?)

Good luck!


  1. Spoilers!

    They are the same kids that Mr. Kreeg sicks his dog on (with glowiing eyes and a skeleton costume) for knocking on his door, he then grabs thier candy. Which I guess causes Sam to pay him a visit.

  2. If I am guessing the right TOTs, then I believe you mean the "children" from the bus accident as they are on the way to trick 'r treat their old bus driver.

    Loved this movie!


  3. Sea Gypsy-You got it!
    The answer I was looking for is the "zombie" bus accident kids.
    Please contact me at shellhawksnest@yahoo.com with your address for your prize.

    Captain-That was a good guess, too! Shows you were paying attention. I'm torn between getting this on Blu-Ray, or getting the regular copy so I can take it on vacation with me for those long flights... Ack!

  4. Wow...I won!!! I am so excited!!! This Hallowe'en season is just full of treats this year!

    Thanks so much!



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