Wednesday, October 14, 2009


As a kid, I'd watch Tom Hatten on Channel 5. He'd have all the old classic movies, introduced me to Cary Grant and Clark Gable. I loved the old Topper movies and would watch them over and over again. I loved the ghost part, and the screwball comedy aspect of these two charming ghosts ripping Topper's safe world to shreds. (I thought it was particularly funny when they were out on a drinking binge and had to sleep in their posh car in front of the building where they were to have a very important meeting in the morning, so they wouldn't be late.)

Please rent one of these for a great laugh and a touch of class and elegance.


  1. I love Topper! Another great funny ghost movie, Abbott and Costello 'The Time of Their Lives'.

  2. Wow, I have not seen these in ages. Definately going to check netflix!!!


  3. Hoo boy...I've lived the scene you described in my younger reckless days all too often (minus the ghosts).

  4. Thanks to Tom Hatten, I too, got addicted to Topper as kid. Sadly, the only person who doesn't stare blankly at me when I mention it is my husband.

  5. whoa...I remember watching these! they were a lot of fun--the old black and white movies have a special something about them and the movie stars were really STARS!


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