Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Treat from Trick 'R Treat

Like many of you, I rented Trick 'R Treat the day it came out and was blown away by the film. I watched it, watched all the extras, then watched it again with the commentary on.

I debated with myself about the purchase, however. I have a Blu-Ray player at home-this movie is amazing to watch on Blu-Ray, BTW-but I like to take movies along when we travel and play them on my laptop. My laptop isn't equipped with Blu-Ray.

Blu-Ray or regular DVD? The debate raged for days. Finally, at the urging of my husband, I caved and bought the Blu-Ray.

I just opened it yesterday. Inside was an unexpected treat: A little flyer inside announced that I could download a free digital copy of Trick 'R Treat to my computer! Hooray for me! I now have both Blu-Ray and a copy to take on trips!

In addition, there's a $25 gift card inside from Sideshow Collectibles towards the purchase of a toy they have listed-sadly, not the 15" figure of Sam.

Because I am an absolute dork, I got the hardcover book delving into the four stories of the movie, apparently with input from Michael Dougherty, the writer and director of the film. It hasn't arrived, yet, but I should get it any day now. I also ordered the paperback graphic novel, and love, love, love the artwork! I may get the movie poster to hang my studio portion of the Garage of Doom, too. I've been playing the soundtrack for inspiration, too. Fun stuff!

Of course, I'll be referencing the photo below for pumpkin designs this year, just because.

Thanks, Michael, for making such a delightful and inspirational Halloween movie!


  1. I had no idea you got a free digital download with the Blu-Ray! Wow!

    Is it for Mac?

  2. I don't know- you might want to look it up on Warner's site. I pitched the thing once I downloaded the flick.
    I do know it's an offer that goes until Oct. 6, 2010...


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