Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ape at National Haunter's Convention

I couldn't leave my second-best buddy behind, mostly because I was afraid he'd fling poo the first chance he got. Mr. ShellHawk would have had words with me about that, so I brought Christmas Ape along. He needed new pics for his Facebook page, anyhow.
Ape was one of the Haunt Cast Ambassadors, greeting all with a hearty "Ook!" when he didn't greet them with a frightened, "Eeek!"
Freddy and Jack spent some quality Simian time with him.
Darling friend, Ann G., scared the stuffing out of him with her sharp custom fangs...
He was glad not to be the victim, this time...
Ape and new BFF discussed the pros and cons of Brains vs. Coffee. I think Ape let the "brains" side win this time.
Overjoyed to play with folks his own size, even if they are a little pale...
He just killed the ladies!
At last, relaxing at the airport wine bar in his new costume while awaiting his flight home...

You, too, can be this fake person's fake friend on Facebook. Do a search for "Chris Aype," and he'll send you fake bananas and be your fake BFF.

If anyone has pics of the NHC you want to share-of me or any of the crew-please let me know and I'll have you send them out!


  1. Awesome! I never thought to take a mascot!!

    And no, it will not be a frog...or at least any of my current horde, they cannot be let out in public without causing trouble...and I am not making bail for them again!

    Seriously, very cool pictures....especially the wine bar, me loves a good wine bar...:D


  2. So how much was admission for Ape? Or did he sneak in? Or did you lie and say he was a toddler?

  3. GF: He stayed very still and quiet and fooled everyone into thinking he was a stuffed ape, thus avoiding his ticket fee. (Plus he's so short, he can easily knuckle his way under the radar.)

    FQ: Had to keep him out of the wine, or I would have been posting bail for him, too.


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