Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just in Case...

Not that any of my readers are sinners, or anything like that, but for those who may know one, I have something for you!

Here's the product description:
Burn away your sins with our set of seven deadly sins scented candles.
Got that morning after the night before feeling? Woken up not just on the wrong side of bed, but in the wrong bed altogether and in the wrong part of town? We all know that life is full of its little sins, not all of which are worthy of a visit to the confessional box or sharing with Ricky Lake.
So for each of life’s naughty sins, we have created a candle. Simply light each one after each little sin, and feel assured that the process of absolution is well under way.
Whew! I was worried for folks who are sinners. Now all you have to do is wash with this soap or burn a candle, and you're all good. Available soon...


  1. But which body part do I wash for each sin? ;-)

  2. I so need some of those....for a friend of course :D Thanks for sharing.


  3. Screaminscott-I plead the 5th. Don't ask, don't tell. It was dark, there were a lot of them. Etc.

  4. Do they make a 6 pack for gluttony?


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