Thursday, May 13, 2010


I have to say, I'm quite overwhelmed! I've had my work posted by Halloween Greats Pumpkinrot and The Frog Queen in the same week!

Above is the Raku pot Rot bought from me, made within the last month and finished only last Friday with the Raku glaze and firing. Below, you see two of my earlier forays into pottery. I can't believe how much my style has changed since then, and it was only a year ago! I love how she set this shot up with the frog I gave her on a pumpkin I made. Frog on the Pumpkin. Get it? Har!
In any case, my humble thanks to both the Frog Queen and Rot for featuring my work on their blogs and recommending that all of you immediately spend every dime of your next paycheck in my Etsy store.

O.k. They didn't actually say that. But you could still go with the spirit of the thing...


  1. Maybe you could ask Mr. Rot if you could do a limited edition of his classic jacko face...

  2. ( Don't get me wrong though....I love the mischievous and whimsical faces you have created!)

  3. Ah, we love you. I am happy to talk about how cool you are as often as I can :)



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