Wednesday, May 5, 2010


You may remember that I won the Skull-a-Day Iron Fist Giveaway, possibly because the random number generator recognized my inherent coolness. Yesterday, as I was throwing some new pumpkin pots, the UPS guy showed up with my winnings.

Happy dance!

Here's what arrived: one pair of shoes, two t-shirts, and a bathing suit. Now, when Noah contacted me about the bikini, I expressed concerns about my age and the viability of a two-piece bathing suit for someone of my vintage years. (Seriously, only my husband gets to see the slight martini paunch any more!) Apparently, he was kind enough to pass that on to the folks at Iron Fist, and they sent out a one-piece bathing suit. Yay for me!
From left to right: Robo Wishbone t-shirt, Man's Ruin swimsuit, 99 Dead Balloons t-shirt. Top: Mombassa Punk Platforms.

Since I'm a shoe whore, you get both pics of the shoes I am currently in love with.

I also got several very cool stickers, one of which Mr. ShellHawk all but snatched out of my hand and put on prominent display on the front of the hard hat he wears when doing surveys out in the field.

Again, big, sloppy kisses to both Skull-A-Day and Iron Fist for my winnings! I simply love them!


  1. Can I pet the shoes? I don't have to wear them. I just want to pet them for a minute or two.

  2. Of course! What are friends for?

  3. OMG those are the coolest shoes ever! Well, at least that I have seen today :)



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