Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More NHC Pics

In case you haven't seen some of these elsewhere, I thought I'd include some pics here.

Our neighbors were the crew from Professor Nightmare, Inc., and were a bunch of very cool ghouls. They even helped me out with my new camcorder when I needed a little clue about what I was doing...

This delightful artist was an inspiration, too. I'll have to dig out her business card and post her name to give appropriate credit!
I really enjoyed The Gemini Company's booth. I got some brain-shaped lavender soap while I was shamelessly pimping Haunt Cast and my jack-o-lantern pots, and can't wait to use it.

They seemed open to doing an interview soon, so I'll have to jump on that. Very cool people, too!
There were a couple of booths that sold some pretty cool steampunk stuff. I really wish I had gotten more pics of the stuff!
I was disappointed that I had to leave this behind, since I already had enough stuff to take home on the plane. I'm pretty sure I can track these folks down online, though...

Of course, I got to hang with a couple of the boyz from Haunt Cast, and had a great time! Pictured above is the one and only Johnny Thunder, and if you were wondering, yes, he really does laugh like that!
G-Host Chris Baker, Johnny, and minion/roadie Denhaunt took great care of yours truly. Some of the fans that stopped by the booth were surprised that we hadn't me in person before the Convention, but it was true. Though I had tix for the haunt tour, I blew it off to spend the evening with the guys, since I don't get to spend time with them. What a blast!
Denhaunt did a truly impressive job of making Skully, our official Haunt Cast logo, come to life in toxic 3D. Great job, Denny Darling!
Who wouldn't want this book? It's actually a clever puppet-the mouth moves when you stick your hand in. Very well made by Rotten Jack's Creep Shop.
I was very impressed by the time and effort that some folks put into their makeup effects. Top notch job, All!

That's it for now. More soon!

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  1. Looks like great fun!! Thanks for posting the pictures - now I have faces to go with the names!!



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