Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Freddy and Jason Dance Off

While waiting around for a seminar to be finished at the West Coast Haunters Convention so some folks would come to the vendor floor, I whipped out my iPod.

It was Sunday. We were tired and hung over, but damn it! We were Haunters, most of all! I put the young cutie next to us up to talking Freddy and Jason into a dance-off. To Abba's Dancing Queen. This isn't the full video. I'll post that one later.


  1. I am SO sorry I missed seeing that in person (definately more entertaining than our seminar.) :D

    Thanks for getting it on video for us Shell, you are the best.


  2. I'm laugh crying over here!!! Awesome!

  3. I've discussed it with others, and we've decided Jason really proved to be the victor. He was clearly more comfortable with his groove. Freddy loosened up closer to the end.

    Both guys win for being good sports :)

  4. I never got to see the Freddy vs Jason movie back in the day. I REALLY thought there would be more to the mov ie. I guess this a horror film paired down to it's barest essentials. It was so raw and untamed! I was truly terrorfied! A little short though. I haven't even touched my popcorn.

  5. That's great! Every time I watch Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th now, I'll have that song in my head, haha!


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