Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm Here! West Coast Haunters Edition

After a long but lovely drive from my house to Oregon, I am here in the home of the new West Coast Haunters Convention, and I am flippin' excited!

I got to meet the gracious and very cool Chris and Jeff Davis last night. We shared a couple of glasses of wine and talked some shop and overall had a great time. Today promises to be more of the same, only I get to meet Guy from House Bloodthorn and possibly some of the haunters we've all been looking up to for a long time. I can't wait!

I hope to do some posting this weekend, but don't hold your breath! It's going to be busy all weekend!


  1. YAY! Enjoy the weekend and tell us tales on Monday :)

  2. have a great time! I'm so jealous--one day, I'm going to go to some of this stuff as well!

  3. Keep an eye on the Davis'...I'm thinking HOSTEL.

    ; )

  4. Nice! We want pictures if you get a chance. Have a good time


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