Monday, May 3, 2010

You Did Know

That the latest Haunt Cast is up, right? Good.

What are you doing still hanging around here? Go and listen to it, fer chrissakes!


  1. I was great!!! I really enjoyed the interview with Bruce, met him a few years ago at a convention when he was still a home to see him go pro.

    Oh, and you were amazing as always!


  2. Great review of the original The Fog. I first saw it a couple of years ago and was impressed. When it first came to HBO in the early 80s, I wasn't allowed to watch it. And then I heard it got mediocre reviews, so I stayed away from it for the longest time despite being a Carpenter fan. I've always thought the 2005 movie was overly lambasted by everyone. Sure the acting was not great and there were a couple of WTF scenes, but the effects, CGI (especially of the ghosts), scenery (beautiful Tofino, B.C.!), and fleshed out story made the movie redeemable. There were also several scenes that even made me jump!

  3. P.H. I bought the soundrtrack in CD format on Loved it!


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