Friday, April 15, 2011

The Dead Hour

I was contacted recently by Daniel Iske, director and executive producer of a new web-based horror series called The Dead Hour. Intrigued, I tootled over to the site to see what the story was.

From the desk of Mr. Iske:
Creators of the award-winning indie horror film, The Wretched, have just completed season one of their new thriller web series, The Dead Hour. The Dead Hour is a unique anthology series that will bring new and original webisodes to each season in the genres of horror, science fiction, thriller, slasher and fantasy. All webisodes remain online so fans can watch their favorites at any time, and as often as they like. Viewers also get an inside look at innovative low-budget indie filmmaking as takes you on set with behind-the-scenes photos, journals, tips and tricks, behind the scenes videos, and interviews with the creators and cast members as they bring the show to life. Production on season 2 begins next month!
I took the time to watch the episodes, "Donor" "Alcoholic Vampire," and "Cannibal Girls." (I'm working on the others, too. I'm afraid I might be hooked...) The acting was better than I had expected from a web-based series, and I liked the nostalgia the intro with D.J. "R" invoked in me. (Kind of like Rod Serling or Alfred Hitchcock, but with a hot chick.) The production value was impressive, as well.

While a bit on the predictable side, "Donor" played nicely on today's economic themes and imagined how far a man would go to provide for his family. It reminded me of the true definition of horror: an overwhelming and painful feeling caused by something frightfully shocking, terrifying, or revolting; a shuddering fear. [From] You do feel horror as this poor sod literally donates until it hurts for his self-absorbed wife. Not to slight the other episodes I watched-those were good, dark fun!

Of course, there are gallows and grim humor galore in this series, which is a must for me when I watch any horror series. I love wit and little hidden subtleties mixed with my murder and mayhem!

The Cast:
"DJ Raven" is played by Melissa Holder
Webisode 1 "DONOR":

"Seth" - Mark Booker

"Amy" - Cheri Bloomingdale

"Dr. Hermann" - Aleksey Solodov

"Vic" - Nic Roewert
Webisode 3 "COUGAR":

"Ms. Juniper" - Michelle Schrage
Webisode 4 "THE HOLE":

"Arthur" - Bill Wassem

"Betty" - Diane Watson Kolvek
Webisode 5 "CANNIBAL GIRLS":

"Kylie" - Melanie Gillis

"Wynne" - Stephanie Finklea

I'm sure the infamous and always-on Johnny Thunder will have something interesting to say about this series-if he hasn't already, that is! (He's kind of a big deal, you know.)

Head over to The Dead Hour's website and decide for yourself. Tell them ShellHawk sent you!


  1. I go the same and was saving for the May segment of Fright Flicks. Nice write up.

  2. Hey, the trailer looks pretty good. And you can't go wrong with hot chick hostesses! Thanks for the heads up!


  3. JT, I sent him your way. I'm really interested to see what your opinion is.

    Not dissing The Dead Hour at all, but your mind is far more analytical than mine, and I look more to be entertained than anything. They absolutely delivered that for me.

  4. Sounds neat! I gotta check this out. Thanks for the tip. (The Alfred Hitchcok/Rod Serling comparison did it for me. Loved both of those shows!)


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