Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Few From Monsterpalooza

Sculptress Stacy, Artist
Ron Whipple, Tombstone
Maker Robert Santos,
CalHaunter Heidi

Monsterpalooza came and went far too quickly! I was only able to attend for one afternoon, and there was so much there that I wanted to take more time to look at!

I think what stuck with me most is the mad sculpting skills that people demonstrated. There were several props that were so incredibly realistic, they gave me a serious case of the creeps!

Of course, meeting up with friends from near and far was one of the perks. I got to reconnect with some CalHaunts pals whom I haven't seen since Transworld, one of my best friends from junior high school, and of course, the Bloodshed Brothers.

Cool ghouls: The Bloodshed Brothers and Yours Truly.

Amazing tribute to Lon Chaney

Chris Ape narrowly averts being dinner

Because even now, only heterosexuals can marry dead people.

Ape, schmoozing the ladies to great effect
More pics tomorrow!


  1. wow...some seriously cool work there--I love that little guy in the bird cage!

  2. Looks like you a had a fun time!

  3. Wow, great pictures. I'll have to make an effort to go one of these years. Did you get to see Mike C's animatronic raven while you were there?


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