Thursday, April 7, 2011


A week ago Friday, Mr. ShellHawk and I decided to take advantage of the first sun we'd seen in what seems like aeons and head to the nearby slopes. We hadn't been skiing all season because of work, so this was a welcome break.

 Mr. ShellHawk signed me up for lesson two, at my request. Though I have ten years of ice skating under my belt-which translates very well to skiing-I've come to the horrifying realization that I'm not twenty-one anymore, and taking lessons may just help me not kill myself or others!
One of the small slopes I skied during my lesson
It was a gorgeous day. It was up into the sixties on the slopes, so a pretty good day to re-learn how to ski. Of course, as the day went on, the warm sun melted some of the snow and made it a little more work for us to get around. 
I gathered many compliments on "me foine hat," which I made with my own little hands. I will likely not do that again, 'cause it was a giant pain in the butt! 
Mr. ShellHawk smiles indulgently when I wear it. At least the ski patrol will be able to hear  my hat from miles away!
Of course, I was not the only one with a keen fashion sense and a talent for making a statement with my choice in hats. The guy in the picture below caused me great envy with his fine hat!
All in all, Mr. ShellHawk and I had a great day together. I love dating my husband!

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