Friday, April 29, 2011

Hauntcast: We're Everywhere!

Not only is Hauntcast going to be represented at the National Haunters Convention (where you can meet Johnny Thunder and Denhaunt) and the West Coast Haunters Convention, but a brand new episode of our fabulous show is up on the Hauntcast site!
From the desk of Chris "The Most Interesting Man in the World" Baker:
Hauntcast Radio for Haunters and Halloween Fanatics is available now.
– Johnny breaks Chris’ beans and bellows his review of Scream 4.
– Is scaring the crap out of people the only objective of a haunt? Revenant reports, you decide.
– The Mistress of Mayhem leads you into the dark depths of the French and Italian catacombs.
– Chris’ spider senses are tingling as he bows down and gives up props to Spider Ryder’s Giant Spider.
– The dungeons new denizens, the Hauntcast 10 Dwarfs.
– Denny straps on the latex once again to demonstrate home made corpse lids.
– Author of Halloween: An American Holiday, An American History & newly released Halloween Nation: Behind the scenes of America’s fright night Lesley Bannatyne joins Chris for a behind the scenes sneak peek at her new book.
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  1. Just got done listening, great interview! Also, that bit you did with Skully at the beginning was pretty funny.


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