Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Great Puppy Saga of 2011 Continues... PUPPY WATCH!

"Hello out there! Can anyone hear me?"
The Great Puppy Saga of 2011 was not forgotten by yours truly. I've been lying in wait for news. Is Shelby pregnant, or must I wait for my little Sam longer? The scoop is, in the belly of Shelby, pictured above, there are an estimated eight pups, and hopefully, my Sam is among them. (That girl wouldn't dare have an all-female litter, would she???)

The other news is that the litter may be whelped this weekend! I am so excited! The down side is that in order to protect their health, we can't go see the puppies until they're four weeks old.

It is going to be a loooooooonnnng four weeks!

Click here for video of Shelby, the mom of my little guy. Hopefully, you'll be able to view it even if you're not on Facebook.

Hey, are they born, yet? ;oD

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