Thursday, April 14, 2011

Oooo! New Hauntcast Tidbits!

Chris Baker is really going out of his way to make it super-easy to expose himself-I mean expose Hauntcast-to new audiences. From the desk of the man, himself:

  "Not only are the past two seasons of Hauntcast available for Free on the Archives page and iTunes, but we are now infecting the non-members with a 10-15 minute sample of all the 2011 shows. Spread the word like VD and lure non-subscribers to sample the latest episodes."

O.K., now, seriously, folks. I've heard that a few people don't listen anymore because the new episodes of the show aren't on iTunes. Even though you can still download them off the site and then to your iPod, Chris is still taking the time to figure out a way to make the new episodes available on iTunes for you. (BTW, if you know how to set up a paid subscription on iTunes, please contact Chris and help him out.)

He's made the old episodes available again on Hauntcast's Archive page, even though people were downloading them all and not subscribing. He's made some of our prop-making videos available without charge because someone who doesn't even subscribe to the show made a big stink about it. We've replaced the commercials we used to have with more, better content. And so far as we can tell, our production value is better than it has ever been.

In short, we've done everything for you but come to your house and hit the "subscribe" button for you.

So, now is the time, kids! Show your support of our hours and hours and hours of hard work and subscribe, already!

Love you! Love your show!

UPDATE! IPhone and Droid apps will be available next week to download the last two seasons of Hauntcast and 10-15 minute previews of current shows!

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