Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Flowers

Here in California, the flowers are showing the first blooms of Spring. Yes, it's been raining off and on this week, and the temperature varies from forty-five to sixty-eight degrees (so you're never really sure how to dress for the day) with sometimes gusty winds, but the flowers know what to do. Since we hosted Easter dinner, I decided to brave the rain and head out into the garden to get some color into the house.
This rose is a mutant hybrid tea-it's called "Black Magic." I bought it from Jackson and Perkins years ago, when they still had the patent. I saw this one has three buds within one bloom, and that is a first, even for my yard. I guess that was a great place to hide the bodies! 
Nearly all my orchids are in bloom, too.
Of course, the rest of the roses are starting to show their colors, too.
The iris bulbs I planted a few years ago are going gangbusters. I really should have separated them last Fall, but for some reason, I got a little bit busy!
Though he's a pretty tough guy most of the time, Ape does like to take the time to smell the roses.
Since I had done most of the prep for dinner on Saturday, I had some time to take some wanna-be artsy shots of the flowers and the rabbit skull sculpture I made. 
 We went through almost ten pounds of lamb and ten pounds of tri-tip roast (it's usually a California cut of meat, East Coasters, and it is fantastic!), a bottle of champagne, seven or eight bottles of very good white and red wines, a mess of salad, baby potatoes, and green beans. For dessert, there was home made creme brulee and fresh-baked cupcakes.

Needless to say, today I am back on my diet!


  1. it's a challenge for the history books...



  2. My flowers are still under water :D

    Lovely, just lovely pictures. Nice piece there. Love the color. Very talented lady you are.


  3. Your Flowers are gorgeous and the photos capture their Beauty.....
    I'm anticipating our flower season in Maine....Your Season starts so much sooner....I've been busy starting seeds and i have quite a few Bulbs and perennials i'm looking forward too seeing pop up....

    Great Blog!! It Was a Fun Challenge!!

    SpOOky Dreams My Blog Friend

  4. Thanks, A!I like your blog, too.

    I still have to plant my darn pumpkins. Good luck with your garden!


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