Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Obligatory Family Visit: One Louder!

A couple of months ago, my husband decided it would  be good to book me for a trip to see my family. After all, my grandmother's 102nd birthday is around the corner, though of course anything could happen at her age. This week, I was looking forward to leaving tomorrow, seeing my folks and catching up with a couple of friends. Then I started reading through my blog list.

Monsterpalooza is this weekend, and it's only fifteen minutes away from my parents' house!

Now, I know all of you knew that and it was losing you some sleep. But I've been so busy, I really can't remember what the date is, and I hadn't connected the fact that I'd be in town for the event. Yes, I am clueless sometimes! (O.K. I'm clueless most of the time. But I'm mostly harmless... Mostly.) 

It turns out that Jay from Juneau studios will be there, as well, so I can pop by and tell him thanks again for allowing Hauntcast into his booth at Transworld.

All that, and I may be able to take some haunters to my favorite dive bar! With the Ape! Hooray!

So who else is going?


  1. Oh 32's, the birthplace of many ideas sitting with my sketchbook after emptying numerous pint glasses back in my younger and wilder days. Marty the bartender would put "Orson" on my tab as in Welles, because the drunker I got, the bigger my plans and ideas got.

  2. Marty's a hoot!

    I'll probably be there Friday night and maybe Saturday, if you want to share a pint and swap lies!

  3. I'll be there with my Raven on display in the Museum (as you well know, S&P'er!) so you'd BETTER NOT pass me by! :-) Safe travels, see you soon.

  4. Mike: I'll be in my Hauntcast t-shirt, since I won't be there as a "personal appearance" lol!


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