Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Few Shots

A few stills from the build we did Sunday.

Anyone who knows me, knows I can't remember what to say when there's a
camera in my face.

Mr. Chicken is adding the electrical to this chair later...

After filming, it was time to play with the image

"My application to the Evil League of Evil is strong this year! Mwahahaha!"
Biff the Space Grip out of costume.
The hat off the Gemmy Spirit Ball Head also helps to keep out the
 alien brain-waves.
"I was made for dancin!'"
Behind the scenes at mission control. Stacy at the keyboard, fielding questions.
"Oh, yeah. This looks goooood!"
The projection, later, on Jasper's Leota, not my life cast.
It still looks good!
I re-iterate, I could not have gotten an effect this good without Mr. Chicken's help! What an amazing mind the guy has!


  1. Yep. The Thoroughbred of Sin will have a hard time turning me down this year!

    Thanks for the pictures, Shell... even though the shadow from the mic cable gave me a unibrow in the 3rd one :P

  2. Looks great you guys!!! Wish I was there!


  3. OMG the dancer has cartoon noodle arms! Awesome!

  4. Wow! This is really taking the Madame Leota prop to a new level :) Ya'll inspire me :) Hoping to see a video of it soon!

  5. wow! looks great--looks like a lot of fun as well!

  6. So many cool T-shirts, I don't know whose I like best.

    Also, how cool is it to work with Mr. Chicken? I imagine, really cool.


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