Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yet Another Reason Mr. Chicken is a Rock Star

I headed over to the CalHaunts NorCal make and take this past weekend, because I just needed a break from my studio for a little bit. Aside from a fantastic make and take (pics soon), I had the chance to pick up the Madame Leota loop that we made together from a mutual friend who lives in Mr. Chicken's neck of the woods.

So friend Robert hands this off to me:
Can you feel it? The movie-poster tag-line tension? The tidy penmanship?

Smiling, I flipped over the jewel case.
Seriously? This beat the contents of the DVD (that's the part where I'm on it, pretending I can act)! Official Un-Death Certificate? The Chicken Seal of Approval? Da-yam! That's some good stuff!

Oh, and the Leota loop itself? It's amazing, and not because of me. Mr. Chicken had an HD video camera of some hi-tech variety, so my image looked uber crisp and clear when I plugged it into my HD 58" flat screen. He even edited in the music and sound effects. (Frankly, I had no idea he played drums!) Thanks, again, Mr. Chicken! You really did all the heavy lifting on this project!
This is going to kick some serious ass on Hallowe'en night! I may even have to borrow a projector from work to really make it look good, even though I have my little Eye Clops to work with. I'll have to test it out soon and see how dim the bulb actually is so I know how to adjust my porch lighting.

Speaking of which, my local Costco has a set of flickering LED battery-operated pillar candles for pretty cheap. They're partially made out of scented wax. I did a search on Costco's website, but all I came up with were these LED candles, which seem pretty spendy, even though they can be rained on and have an auto shut-off at the twelve-hour mark. I personally don't like the look of them as much as I liked the ones I saw in my local. I may pick some up here in the next little while.

Man, oh, man, am I getting excited about the big day!


  1. Very cool! I gotta move....all the cool kids are in NorCal :D


  2. :D Thought you might enjoy that.
    The music and sound effects came from this nifty CD that has isolated tracks from the ride, and whatever I didn't have on there was freesound.org.

    I think the placement of the porch lights will have as much to do with it as how bright they are. I'm not *sure*, but I think if you have dim lighting behind the head, it'll be able to be a little brighter than if the light were in front. You might also just keep it all LED candles and rope lights along the edges of the porch, just to give the walls and things a little definition. I'm convinced that projector could be really good under the right conditions.

    And yes, Chris, you should move. :)


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