Friday, August 5, 2011

It's Up! The Charmed Pot on Imagineering's Scar Stuff

The latest episode of Hauntcast is up and running, boils and ghouls, featuring Eric Lowther of Haunted Overload! 

This episode of the Charmed Pot takes you back to the old days of Scar Stuff, Evil Teeth and the Imagineering makeup company's contribution to our childhoods. I found this video in the process of scouring the internet for all things related to the Imagineering makeup company, and I thought you guys might like this as a follow-up. It does bring back memories, and there are some very cool little tidbits of information about the company you may not have been aware of!

Imagineering! from David Hansen-Sturm on Vimeo.


  1. Will be listening to it tomorrow!! Looking forward to it!


  2. Enjoyed it..makes me feel old though, I remember that's stuff really well! Nice job!

  3. I not only remember this stuff, I was a card carrying member of the Imagineering Birthday Club. 26 years later, I still have that card in my makeup kit. I bought my first stuff at a yard sale, got the company info from the package and it was on! Man, I wanted "The Face" so bad. The ape looked like Planet of the Apes to me. Never got that, but I still have the rubber werewolf ears and nose.
    Thanks for the video ShellHawk!

  4. I loved scar stuff. I actually used about 4 packs of this stuff to make-up my face like freddy kruger around '88. Of course, it started to fall off and I had to slather on the luquid latex, and then it was uncomfortable as heck. but it was cool while it lasted!


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