Monday, August 15, 2011

Madame Leota's Aftermath

Yesterday's Madame Leota build with Mr. Chicken (and Stacy and Robert as  fantastic grips, best boys, and girls Friday-er---) went really well. 

I can honestly say I never could have done this on my own. That young gun knew how to line everything up and gave me pointers on tweaking the sculptured head based on my life cast. Mr. Chicken threw out a multitude of amazing gems of wisdom on this build, and I know those who tuned in got a lot out of it!

Since we had some down time during which his computer did some incomprehensible but amazing stuff to the image, I pulled a quick interview out of him, and was really glad I did. Talk about an interesting guy! If you go to ShellHawk's Nest Live BlogTV page and scroll down, you can watch a few snippets we caught. Of course, it never occurred to me to film the end result! *head smack* 

In any case, a great time was had by all, and I'm so glad some of you could swing by to see the occasionally entertaining build!

Well, off to the studio to glaze what came out of the kiln today!

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  1. I saw the show yesterday and picked up a few new tricks! Thanks to you and Mr. Chicken for sharing.


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