Sunday, August 28, 2011

News From the Nest

First, I'd like to say that I hope all my east coast friends made it through Irene's crazy rave safely. I've had Johnny Thunder, Pumpkinrot, Chris Baker and other folks on my mind all weekend, hoping they are o.k. and have only suffered minor damage from the storm. If it's in your belief system, say a little prayer for those folks when you can, o.k.?

In other news, it was a really busy week last week. I started school Monday night and am convinced that I am going to get my butt kicked this semester, but in a very good way. My teacher, Yoshio Taylor, pushed me last semester, which was a pre-requisite beginning throwing class. In one semester, he had me throwing thinner and more consistently, and I made my first teapot and plate.

This semester, he's teaching us to throw faster and taller, which is such a challenge that I felt like a beginner, all over again. It didn't help that my clay was too hard because I hadn't had time to soften it over a few days. Actually, that's not quite true; I kept thinking about it and forgetting it. Let me tell you, throwing with hard clay is a struggle. That'll learn me!

I'm continuing work out in my studio for Hallowe'en Season goodies to sell. This year, I'm filling out my stall a bit with some Dark Candles gear, which arrived yesterday! Hooray! I'm still waiting for my voodoo string dollies from Fearscape Studios, and am hoping I get them in time for my opening in September. The whole point, of course, is to reduce some of my labor and still make some profit. High turnover, low-cost items are what's needed for that, so the things that are slower turnover can be made with the attention to detail and quality I like to have.

In other news, Sam weighed in at 40 pounds this week, and has just turned four months old. He killed his first squirrel in the back yard this week, ate some of the fur, then was kind enough to barf it up on my studio floor. Gross, but at least he didn't hork it up on my eighty-five-year-old Oriental rug. I guess that proves that 1) Squirrels are evil, and 2) Sam does have a high prey drive, like most German Shepherds. I'm glad I have him in scenting classes to keep his little mind occupied! He's excelling in that arena as well, which isn't surprising, again, given that he's a Shepherd and that's what they do. I'll post some pics soon.

Well, out to the shop to make more Hallowe'en!

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