Saturday, August 13, 2011

Spooky Real Estate

Image via Dennis Noble
Image by Paulus Rusyanto
Image via This Eclectic Life blog
Image via Coolest Free Wallpapers
Image via
Image via Maria and Tom blog
I truly don't know which I love best!


  1. so cool. what a dream to be able to 'haunt' these for Halloween!

  2. Big ol' creepy houses are THE BEST! SOMEDAY I will own one. After I win the lottery.

  3. Great post! It would be hard to choose just one.

  4. That's some spooky real estate alright! I love to look at photos of old dilapidated buildings...but I'm far too much a fraidy cat to go in one. Awesome photos! :o)

  5. I've seen these before. Talk about move-in condition!

  6. They all look amazing. I love old houses. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Where is the last house with the wrought iron fence located??

    1. No idea! Great house, though, huh?

    2. yea it's really beautiful and creepy...perfect! if only I knew where it was, I'd go visit it and take pictures! I only wished that was my house!


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