Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mr. Chicken Live!

Click on the pic to see Mr. Chicken's Madame Leota in action
The planning for my Madame Leota prop is ongoing. Mr. Chicken and I have been furiously emailing back and forth, tossing ideas around like they were water balloons! We've consulted with a couple of our CalHaunts NorCal folks to bounce ideas off of them. I found a Gemmy Spirit Ball on eBay, and did smite mine enemy in the last 10 seconds of bidding, thus winning the prize for the haunt! (There was a happy dance, too!)

If you're interested in watching, tune in to ShellHawk's Nest Live BlogTV channel this Sunday, the 14th, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time. Since we'll be building, we won't be doing a whole lot of chatting unless I can get a volunteer to type while we work.

I seriously cannot wait! Mr. Chicken is such a rock star in the haunt world! If you haven't seen his effects, check out his Puttin' on the Ritz setup he did for his haunt on YouTube, straight out of Young Frankenstein. The guy really knows his stuff!

Did I mention I can't wait?

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