Friday, October 29, 2010

Cal Haunts Members Rock! Forest of Lost Souls and Perfessor Evil

This month, the Folsom Telegraph has been good to haunters. The paper did a four-part series on some local haunters, and not only did they include yours truly, but fellow CalHaunts NorCal member, Joe DeCelle.
Joe runs The Forest of Lost Souls in El Dorado Hills (right next door to Folsom), and really keeps the Spirit of Halloween alive. Congrats on the nice article, Joe!

CalHaunts/Haunt Project's Perfessor Evil has also had a turn with the press in the Geek Out! section of CNN. He totally deserves his time in the spotlight after working so hard to keep up with all the updates he does for us on Haunt Project. You go, Rik!

Again, congratulations to both of these dedicated haunters. Happy Hallows, guys!

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