Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hallowe'en Memory: Great Sentiments From a New Friend

I met Elizabeth the first weekend I was out at Jack Russell Brewery. She is a delightful and witty woman who brews her own beer and had the sense to marry a very cool guy.

Since my booth was blatantly Hallowe'en themed, she used her amazing powers of deduction to figure out that I am a big fan of the old Hallowe'en. The next week, she sent me this thoughtful tidbit, and I think all of us of a certain age can agree with her sentiments.

Remember when Hallowe'en had an apostrophe?

People handed out popcorn balls, candied apples wrapped in waxed paper and homemade cookies to trick-or-treaters. Smarties and saltwater taffy were the norm, and Sugar Daddy's were special. We burned candles in our pumpkins and used pillowcases or paper bags to collect our candy. We were happy with a handful of pennies and loose M&Ms, and it was okay to wander through the neighborhood in the dark with a 12-year old as a guide.

Now prewrapped fun-sized Snickers collected in factory made Martha inspired decorative fabric bags to go with the store bought costumes. Glow sticks replaced candles, and paints replaced carving. Pumpkin decorating? Trick-or-treat is done under the close supervision of parents who shuffle the kids from merchant to merchant down Main Street, all before dark. Don't eat the Smarties - they might be drugs!

Environmental Health, fears dread diseases and clandestine drugs have put an end to homemade (more healthy) treats and the annual inspection of the contents of the booty before consumption has been added to the ritual. No more bobbing for apples, either. Was it that what we didn't know didn't hurt us, or is there really a more malevolent threat out there? Where did it come from?

The apostrophe takes the place of something taken out. Let's put it back in Hallowe'en for the fun and innocence that's been taken away from the day.


  1. I couldn't agree more, I wish my daughter could experience the magic of the night like we did.

  2. Very well said.

    Thanks for the introduction, I think I like this lady :)


  3. I love this. I know I'm late to the post here, but I must say not only do I agree entirely, but over at my Skull & Pumpkin Pub, for the last 18 months, every single mention of Hallowe'en has an apostrophe proudly displayed. Yes indeedy!


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